Learn how to get started rubber stamping!

How to Get Started Rubber Stamping

Receiving a handmade card in the mail delivers a lot of joy. But creating a handmade card brings even more joy.

You want to start making your own greeting cards and get started rubber stamping, but you don’t know where to start.

I’ve been crafting greeting cards for more than twenty-five years, building my collection of stamps, ink, and paper slowly. I became a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator almost ten years ago (wanted to get the discount), and I’m sharing some of the lessons I’ve learned.

During the next few weeks, my blog will focus on topics of creating handmade greeting cards with rubber stamps, ink, and paper. Geared toward beginners, I’ll include a few photos, a video, and a short narrative description.

Today’s entry focuses on the basics of stamps.


You’ll need good quality stamps. The most popular stamps on the market today are photopolymer and cling red rubber. (The cling brand is exclusive to Stampin’ Up!).

As a side note: Many sites and stampers offer a variety of wood mount stamps for sale. In the past, Stampin’ Up! created its designs in wood mount, but the company has since transitioned to the photopolymer and cling red rubber. They’re easy to store and easy to use.

Photopolymer: transparent, clear stamps that allow you to achieve precise alignment, to build scenes, and to layer images easily. I recommend placing a thick mat (like Stampin’ Up!’s Stampin’ Pierce Mat) underneath your card stock to ensure a good, solid stamped image.


How to Get Started Rubber Stamping

An example of one of Stampin’ Up!’s Photopolymer Stamp Sets

 Cling: classic, red rubber stamps have a highly adhesive label that helps them stick easily to clear blocks.

How to Get Started Rubber Stamping

One side of Stampin’ Up!’s Cling Mount Stamp Sets

How to Get Started Rubber Stamping

The flip side of Stampin’ Up!’s Cling Mount Stamp Sets

Using Rubber Stamps

For both photopolymer and cling, remove the stamp from the stamp case and from between the clear sheets. Place the image on a clear block (they come in a variety of sizes), and you’re ready to stamp. Need another image? Gently remove the stamp from the clear block, place it back in the package, and retrieve another image. Place on the clear block.

Clean your stamps between use with Stampin’ Up!’s Simply Shammy or the Stampin’ Scrub and Stampin’ Mist.

Enjoy this short video reviewing the tips above.

It’s that easy. Look for my next post which discusses ink and what kinds to use for which projects.

Please let me know if you have questions. I want to help you get started rubber stamping.

Here’s a link to Stampin’ Up!’s 2020-2021 Annual Catalog. Click here.

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